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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse


IMG_3142My Muse

In this weeks Photo Callenge we are asked to show us our muse…

Well, mine is nature in general, but especially the miniworld in nature, the microcosmos…(you know the movie Microcosmos?)

I just love insects, and I love to photograph them in their own world. So not just focussing on the insect as close and clear as possible, but show the little creatures in their surroundings…

I will not go overboard like last week, with dozens of photo’s (I have hundreds…), but I’ll only show a few recent ones.

1. One beautiful morning… You can enlarge the picture to see that the already small larva (les than half an inch) has a really small hitch-hiker on its back!

2. Two of a kind… blue love in a pastel world.

3. The Jungle… weird but beautiful creatures live in the jungle.


Thank you for all the nice comments on last weeks photo challenge!!


  1. I really like how you show the insects in their environment. I have been trying to do that more, but it is a challenge to make the background look pleasant and not too “busy”

  2. A very, very long time ago I was tought about the Muses, in fact Greek godesses of inspiration in arts, litarature and so on…
    I think there were nine of them, likely all daughters of the mighty Zeus… don’t ask me their names again!
    Each one of them protecting a different art, but no Photo-art…. not yet !
    They spent as much time as possible hanging around mount Olympus, and intensively enjoyed Nature and its amazing Beauty. For that reason and for me it is quite clear now:
    You are supposed to be the nr 10 Muse: Eleanora of Photography

    PS: het Rambo-Rupsje vind ik heel erg stoer!

    • Ik zou eerder denken aan een nieuwe nimf (van de insecten) maar ik teken geen bezwaar aan 😉
      En Rambo-Tarzan in het oerwoud is zeker stoer. Daar moet nog een passend verhaaltje bij…

  3. Jeany

    De derde foto is net een sprookje, prachtig Noortje. Ik moet eens nadenken wat mijn muse is ;)) nooit over nagedacht…. ;))

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  6. ecingel

    Ik vind dat het je uitstekend gelukt is om ons je muze te laten zien!
    Leuk dat je de uitdaging aangaat en ons de leefwereld van de insecten laat zien. Dat maakt je foto’s spannend!

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