Russels Lof

Weekly Photo Challenge: afloat

IMG_5439 Floating love…

Warning: this blog contains some explicit ‘adult scenes’; no children allowed!

It’s the happy season for toads again… Now these brown pimply guys are all horny as hell and desperately seaking for a partner. But needy as they are, and not very clever or maybe in need of glasses, they will try and hump on everything they encounter. That maybe a fish, a salamander or other frogs… they’ll cling themselves to whatever they think is *hot*.

Often male toads cling themselves to other male toads and, except for a few gay ones, the bottom one is mostly not amused. You’de expect him to give a fierce roar or maybe even fight to get rid of the horny sex mate, but no. The way a distressed toad shows his displeasure is by making a squeaky sound like a young bird… which probably only encourages the dominant top one: ‘wow, what an exciting chick!!’

Well, this couple above I saw in the pond seems to be of a traditional type; male/female. No rape, no squeaking but a happily consumed love, with some hot and steamy under water sex!

And here a few more floating love pictures…

Hold on tight darling!

Hold on tight darling!

Ménage à trois

Ménage à trois

Complicated Kamasutra work...

Complicated Kamasutra work…


Look at the large picture to see the mini voyeurs on his head…

For more exciting floating photo’s: Weekly Photo Challenge: afloat


      • No way, I won’t hate Mr. Toad. The combination of libido and bad sight can lead to awkward situations; once I had Mr. Toad on my bare foot when I was getting ready for a swim in open water. No soft squeaks from me, I’m afraid. But I forgave him a long time ago.

  1. It is amazing to see that love can be so intense, even for this tiny feller !
    And ofcourse his eyes might not be so good, but you just don’t make love with yer glasses on….
    (ooooh, btw I just love these creepy chaperones on her head… what a picture, Noortje !)

  2. Foto 1 is volgens mij gewoon een oud geil menneke, of is hij zo verrimpeld door het water? 😀
    Wel blij dat je even waarschuwde dat het niet geschikt voor kinderen was, altijd fijn van te voren te weten wat je te wachten staat toch 😉
    by the way, leuk je eens op de radio te horen 🙂

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